Urban Outfitters Expands Beauty Selection

Photo by Getty Images: Dan Dalton
The popular hipster brand talks Korean beauty and company expansion.

If Urban Outfitters isn't your usual go-to for fashion, it may become your first choice for beauty. Now when you're trying to convince yourself to buy summer culottes, you can discover a new indie beauty brand. The Philadelphia-based retailer plans to increase their presence in the beauty market, allowing customers to shop 250 brands in store and online.

So, why might UO be the next beauty hotspot? For starters, the retailer already offers more than 100 brands, placing them in the same playing field as popular beauty heavyweights like Ulta and Sephora. But the real selling point for Urban Outfitters, however, comes down to price points and diversity of SKU's. As Korean beauty products continue to lead the beauty industry, Urban Outfitters is one of the few companies stateside to make K-beauty affordable and easily accessible.

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"[Urban Outfitters] raised the bar in beauty innovation, which really excites us," said beauty buyer Laura Zaccaria in an interview with Byrdie. "We were really intrigued by their inventive, effective formulas and ingredients, and we love being able to make these stellar finds easily accessible for our customer."

While the lifestyle retailer doesn't know which brands will be added into the fold, there are sure to be cult favorites in the mix for every beauty girl.

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