71 Arrested In Cleveland Protest After Officer Acquittal

Photo by Ricky Rhodes/Getty Images
Protesters rallied in downtown Cleveland following officer Brelo acquittal.

Cleveland police have arrested a total of 71 people following the Saturday verdict that found patrolman Michael Brelo not guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the 2012 shooting deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, reports AP.

City officials say though protests were largely peaceful through the weekend, pockets of people fighting and protesters clashing with police --some of whom wore riot gear-- resulted in the double-digit arrests.

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The largest number of arrests occurred in the Warehouse District, where police say protesters amassed in an alleyway and refused to disperse.

Nearly 200 protesters made their way to downtown Cleveland on Saturday and Sunday. Among those protesting in response to the Brelo acquittal were those protesting for 12-year-old Tamir Rice who was gunned down by police in November.The investigation into Rice's case is still ongoing.

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Fifty-eight people appeared before the Cleveland Municipal Court Judge on Monday morning to be arraigned on misdemeanor charges. A large number pleaded no contest and not guilty to the charges.

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