ESSENCE Poll: How Many Social Media Platforms Are You On?

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, oh my! 

First, there was MySpace. Then we were introduced to Facebook, followed by Twitter and Instagram. And in the last year, we've met the photo-sharing app Snapchat, and a livestreaming app called Periscope. 

It's official: Social media is taking over the world (and we're exhausted!).

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We're constantly updating our Facebook statuses, tweeting our 140-character reactions to Scandal, Instagramming our delicious dinners, updating our resumes on LinkedIn, and Snapchatting our idiotic expressions. Whew.

The latest craze—Periscope—actually exposes an entirely new set of dangers. The livestreaming app allows users to document their every move in real time—including young teenagers who willingly divulge their names, location and any additional information that their watchers might request. 

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Are you someone who can't live without constantly checking your online profiles, or are you a little more selective when it comes to social media (Facebook and Twitter only, thank you very much!)? Take our poll and tell us what social media platform you can't live without.

How many social media platforms are you on?
All of the buzzy ones
Just the basics
I'm not on social media
Total votes: 62

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