ESSENCE Poll: Do Celebrities Have a Responsibility to Speak Out Against Injustice?

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Does fighting social injustices simply come with the territory of being famous?   

One by one, more and more celebrities are joining the fight for justice in Baltimore.

You have Jussie Smollett, who recently marched on the frontlines of a Justice League NYC protest for Freddie Gray. Then there is Jesse Williams, who is never one to shy away from social injustices. Last week, Wale paid a visit to a Baltimore high school hear how students were feeling toward the demonstrations plaguing their city, then he marched with them down to city hall. 

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Then, of course, you have celebrities like Prince, who just announced that he would be hosting a Rally 4 Peace concert in Baltimore to unify the city.

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"In a spirit of healing, the event is meant to be a catalyst for pause and reflection following the outpouring of violence that has cropped Baltimore and areas throughout the U.S.," concert organizers said in a statement.

Compare those stars' statements to the celebrities who have been unceremoniously quiet throughout the Black Lives Matter movement (we won't name names, but you know who are you are!). But then again, does every celeb have an obligation to stand up for the cause just because they have a wide-reaching platform?

Do celebrities have a responsibility to speak out against social injustices just because they're famous? Take our poll and tell us what you think about stars bringing attention to Baltimore.

Do celebrities have a responsibility to speak out against injustice?
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