ESSENCE Poll: How Are You Following the Situation in Baltimore?

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In our era of 24-hour news cycles, where are you looking to get the most trustworthy information on the unrest in Baltimore?

Since 25-year-old Freddie Gray died last Sunday, one week after suffering a severed spine while in police custody, all eyes have been on Baltimore.

Peaceful protestors have tirelessly marched through the streets for nearly two weeks, riots have broken out, investigations have been opened and we're still anxiously awaiting an explanation from the police department for what exactly happened to Gray. 

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With our endless 24-hour news cycle, we're taking in a lot of information, and sometimes, it's not always accurate. We can't always necessarily distinguish fact from the hot air being blown by the talking heads.

Where are you going to get your facts on the situation in Baltimore? Are you a network news devotee, or are you turning to social media to read firsthand accounts? Take our poll and tell us what's your favorite outlet.

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How are you following the situation in Baltimore?
Television news coverage
Online media outlets
Social media
Some/all of the above
Total votes: 46

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