Jesse Williams Tweets About Baltimore Unrest: 'There Is Nothing Black About Rioting'

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“You want us to condemn black folks being violent against PROPERTY but you NEVER condemn police killing actual PEOPLE,” tweeted Williams.

Fed up with the coverage of demonstrations resulting from the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, activist and Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the situtaion. Williams has regularly commented on racism and police brutality, and the turmoil in Baltimore is no different. Below, a smattering of his brilliant Twitter think piece:

If you don't actually care about Black people having equal protection under the law, why are you making suggestions to those who do?

What are the critical elements that constitute a "riot" and when do riots offend you?

If we view rioting as a mass temper tantrum expressed through violence & property damage, white sports fans do that monthly. #Tradition

1 group can burn & loot when a team scores less points than another but when paid public servants kill citizens, we gotta be BaggerVance?

Where are all the think pieces & coverage of the pathology of white culture every time white frustration vents violence & destruction?

There is nothing "black" about rioting. How do you think we got all this land?

Historically riots have been tools for intimidation; destroying populations, taking land & valuables. #BlowingOffSteam #BoysWillBeBoys

Whites rioted throughout the early 1900s, slaughtering, burning & looting entire thriving black townships, just because of the adjective.

You've watched hulking bullies w/ badges, robes & money brutalize, kill & cage human beings every yr of your entire lives & said nothing.

So Exactly What Kind Of Violence Don't You Like?

Police & policies have been rioting on our bodies; destroying people & property every single day of your lives. But here you come...

He continued...

You have so much to say, yet we've never seen you out here you before. Who shows up after the event & criticizes the audience's reaction?

So tell me again, what kind of violence it is that you detest? I keep forgetting. ToWhom? FromWhom? HowOften? For how long? InOrderToWhat?

You want us to condemn black folks being violent against PROPERTY but you NEVER condemn police killing actual PEOPLE. #Explain #JustTry

Now that you're totally inspired, you can read more of Williams' tweets here.

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