ESSENCE Poll: What Do You Feel You Can Do Now to Affect Change in Your Community?

Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images
As protestors take to the streets of Baltimore, we want to know what you think is the best way to achieve change.

Here we are, yet again.

When cases like Freddie Gray… and Michael Brown… and Eric Garner… and Trayvon Martin happen, we know we want—need—to do something to enact change, but we are clueless as to where to start. What can you yourself do, you wonder, that is big enough to bring change? We know we have it in us; we just don't know where to channel that energy.

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We woke up this morning to the heartbreaking images of a looted and charred Baltimore—the aftermath of overnight riots that left businesses looted, 15 buildings destroyed and 200 people arrested. Is that the way to go, or are there more strategic footsteps that we need to be following?

What do you think you can do to bring change during this never-ending crisis? Share with us what you're doing—maybe you will inspired someone else.

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