'Scandal' Recap: 'First Lady Sings the Blues'

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It might be a blessing in disguise that we have to wait two weeks for a new episode: We need a breather after last night.

We interrupt this Scandal recap for an important message: If you or anyone you love is ever fatally stabbed by a B613 double agent, please make sure Huck is nearby so he can punch you in the chest really hard and really fast and bring you back to life. Thank you. We will now return to our regularly scheduled recap.

No, seriously. Was that a punch or was that a punch?

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Huck with the resurrection punch!! #Scandal


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Best of all, Jake is still alive. Barely alive but alive and that was enough for countless Shonda Rhimes fans who were already full of rage and pain because McDreamy moved on to that great big hospital in the sky. Wow. Just wow.

#GreysAnatomy had me like and #Scandal had me like U GET EM LIV!  All the feels for #TGIT



Thanks a lot, @ShondaRhimes. How many more people need to die tonight before you're happy? #Scandal


But enough about Grey’s Anatomy. This is a recap about Jake being alive, Olivia speaking Russian to the doctor who helped save his life and Russell the double agent.

Of course, Papa Pope was pissed because Russell nearly killed Jake but didn’t kill Jake. What’s amazing is that Rowan didn’t shoot Russell sooner. And was it just us, or was Russell not looking so cute after each dirty deed? Like when he tried to track Olivia’s phone—or worse—when he tried to kill Jake a second time. Ewww!

Russell, you know what...Until you do right by Jake....#Scandal #ScandalABC pic.twitter.com/jbIZJfoBTF


At least we know he didn’t kill the Russian grandma and her grandkids because he was too busy spying on Olivia and the gang. Papa Pope must’ve had one of his other B613 minions do that.

SO SAAAD! I hated seeing that carnage of the Russians! #tgit#scandal


Mellie, meanwhile, is alive and kicking and so is her political career. All Fitz had to do was call Olivia to figure out how to help Mellie win the senate seat in Virginia. Yeah, that was awkward.

Call your girlfriend to help your wife.... #Scandal


In fact, Olivia got all kinds of awkward phone calls this week including the menacing one from her dad. Sure, his line – “What have I always told you, Olivia? Against me, you will never win.” – was cool, but dude. The Russian grandma, her grandchildren and her KGB handler each got one to the head. Kids died. Have a heart.

Did they HAVE to kill the kids, tho? For that alone, I can't WAIT for Rowan to get what's coming to him. He needs to suffer. #Scandal


How high does the body count have to be? I don't even remember what he wants from her anymore. #Scandal @ScandalABC


But those horrific deaths worked for Rowan at least for now and the whole takedown of B613 is on hold. Now there’s some mission called Foxtail that we will learn more about when Scandal returns in two weeks. Two whole weeks. Argh!

Other highlights included Cyrus and Sally’s showdown with Cyrus reminding Sally about her husband’s murder for the win, Olivia telling Jake in Russell’s earshot that they should’ve never left that island and Olivia putting a gun to Russell’s head, of course.

Olivia hit Russel with the Jasmine Guy in Harlem Nights move. He was supposed to check under the pillow when he laid down. #Scandal


Speaking of that scene, what was the meaning of Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”? It can’t have been for Russell because Olivia hasn’t been loving him for long. Heck, she never loved him. She loved on him. Hmm. Maybe that was it or maybe it was a song about Fitz? Who can say? 

What was your favorite scene from the latest Scandal and how will you cope without the drama next week? Weigh in below.

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