ESSENCE Poll: Would You Ever Date Your Friend's Ex?

According to the rumor mill, Jamie Foxx might be dating Tom Cruise's ex-wife Katie Holmes, which got us thinking: would you ever couple up with a friend's ex?

Girl meets boy. Girl starts dating boy. Girl marries boy. Girl divorces boy. Photos suggest girl is coupled with boy's co-star—and friend. It's your typical Hollywood love story.

Could there be a new couple on the horizon? That's what Us Weekly is saying. The gossip mag recently got its paws on a picture of what appears to be Jamie Foxx holding hands with Katie Holmes in a recording studio.

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In case you've forgotten, Katie married Tom Cruise in 2006, shortly after Tom starred alongside Jamie in Collateral, and the two men have remained friends every since.

Now, of course, Jamie and Katie haven't addressed the rumors or confirmed a relationship, but it got us wondering how you feel about dating a friend's ex. Are you okay with it, or are their exes 150 percent off limits? Take our poll, and leave us a comment telling us where you draw the line.

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Would you ever date your friend's ex?
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