'Empire' Recap: 'The Lyons Roar'

If you listen to the lyrics of “You’re So Beautiful,” the song that took center stage on the latest episode of Empire, you can’t help but feel like the tune sums up much of what took place.

If you listen to the lyrics of “You’re So Beautiful,” the song that took center stage on the latest episode of Empire, you can’t help but feel like the tune sums up much of what took place.

When Jamal sings “up down, up down, up down,” for instance, he easily could have been talking about the relationship between Lucious and Cookie and the emotional rollercoaster we rode right along beside them Wednesday night.

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One minute, Lucious was telling Cookie he was always looking for her even when he slept with other women and hooking up with her for a second time in the studio. And the next, he was strutting around with Anika on his arm and telling Cookie their multiple hookups were a momentary weakness. Ouch.

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Cookie oughta beat Lucious all in his face, neck and back. #Empire


But Cookie and Jamal got the last laugh when Jamal sang “You’re So Beautiful” and came out to a room full of beautiful black people dressed all in white. He said he was going to sing about his truth, Lucious. Were you paying attention, man, or were all those white outfits blurring your vision?


Who wore it better? #Empire pic.twitter.com/87eEW40FN5

One of the best parts of that scene – aside from the on fleek fashion – was seeing how Hakeem, Vernon and even Andre raised a toast to Jamal for coming out while Lucious just seethed.


I'm just glad Hakeem isn't homophobic. Actually glad he's proud of who his brother is. #EmpireFOX

Of course Lucious wasn’t done rolling his eyes and screwing up his face. After denying Andre a board vote to make him, his eldest son, the acting CEO should something happen to him, Lucious decided to cuss out Andre for good measure after Jamal came out. Although Andre is in a very fragile state psychologically and emotionally, Lucious spared no put down with the biggest being that Andre cannot buy or educate his way into white society. Despite how fans may feel about Lucious, they loved his message.


“They will never accept your Black a-! I don't care how many White women you marry!”-Lucious Whoa. Bravo @EmpireWriters! @EmpireFOX #Empire

Speaking of messages, Cookie was sending a lot of great ones loudly and clearly. For starters, now that she and Hakeem are getting close, Cookie quickly tried to shut down his relationship with Camilla. Cookie not only verbally slayed Camilla by calling her a “cougar bitch who’s clearly taking advantage of his mommy issues,” but when she found out it was Camilla who was encouraging Hakeem to be the last on the family song, she removed her proverbial gloves and slapped her in the face with them. (But we can all admit that Naomi Campbell looked amazing in that dress).


This my line!!! I LOVE it...#IshCookieSays #EmpireFOX pic.twitter.com/pYh0l6kalC

We also loved that Cookie referred to Anika as both a fake Halle Berry and a fake Lena Horne. Oh, Cookie. Where do you get this stuff? Speaking of Anika, it looks like she’ll do anything to make Lucious marry her including forgiving him for sleeping with his ex wife. That said, when Cookie informed her that theirs was not a one-time fling, Anika quickly ran off to betray Lucious by going to his business rival Billy Beretti. Uh oh. It’s going to be so perfect when Boo Boo Kitty gets busted next week. Watching Jamal spend time with his ridiculously gorgeous daughter gave viewers all kinds of feels:


Cutest daddy daughter scene ever. RT @JarettSays: Straight up cutest thing I've ever seen #Empire pic.twitter.com/7i4ORvDvDP

And the scene where Rhonda verbally chin checked Andre for trying to pimp her out was a keeper. Or should we say vomited in her dinner first and then reprimanded him? Ooh lawd. Somebody pray for Dre. What scenes did you love and are you bummed that there are only three episodes left in season one? Weigh in below:





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