Missy Elliott Song Downloads Skyrocket After Her Super Bowl Appearance

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Since Sunday night, Missy has sold 70,000 downloads. Last week, that number was 6,000.

Yasssss, Missy is back! 

Two days after Missy Elliott's showstopping Super Bowl halftime performance, the emcee's digital sales have skyrocketed, increasing a whopping 1,000% from the previous week, reports Billboard.

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After a 10-year hiatus (and much to our excitement), Missy made a surprise appearance at Sunday's show, performing three songs—"Get Ur Freak On," "Work It" and "Lose Control"—with headliner Katy Perry.

Since her show, her songs have been downloaded 70,000 times, compared to 6,000 downloads the week before.  The most downloaded songs are the three that she performed during the halftime show. Nielsen Music predicts that each song will sell anywhere between 15,000 and 20,000 downloads. Last week, those numbers were about 1,000 per song. She currently has three of the top 10 songs on iTunes.

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Since Sunday night, Missy has been tweeting her humble gratitude to her fans and supporters, admitting that she didn't realize how much she had been missed.

Does this mean you're back, Missy? Please say yes.

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