Celebrity Reactions to the Eric Garner Decision

Celebrities took to Twitter to express their sadness, confusion, and rage at this latest injustice.

The announcement that a Staten Island grand jury would not indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for killing Eric Garner sent a surge of rage and confusion all over the world. While angry masses took to the streets in protests, celebrities took to Twitter to express their sadness, confusion, and rage at this latest injustice.

Unarmed man put n2 ILLEGAL chokehold, says he can't breathe, caught on tape, later dies &no charges?! Tell us again ALL our lives matter...

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"I. CAN'T. BREATHE." God Damn.

I can't take it anymore! It's Enough, and enough is enough! Honestly my emotions are all over the… http://t.co/QW6XmgUEDk

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How is this America? #ICantBreathe

SMDH....God the world is crying for your help. This really makes me sad. All I can do is pray & I plan on doing ... http://t.co/hWGE9vJal4

This one was on film. http://t.co/Zm7DKL09ok

I'm ashamed. Mostly because I'm no longer shocked at things now-a-days. Nothing is shocking. #EricGarner

Deep Hurt. We're Men. Human. We feel pain. There will be one collective cry added to these tears.Then the birth of a New Anger. #EricGarner

Fruitvale Station..all to familiar

eric garner. no indictment. indictment just means a question of facts. they decided there was no need to question...

I need to sit down with the NAACP and talk about how we're going to fix this shit we call "Black America" cause it's a fucking mess.

Dear United States, it's spirit numbing, shameful, and sickly redundant. #EricGarner

Illegal chokehold, caught on tape, and still no indictment? Black life has little value. #EricGarner

I CAN'T BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am deeply disappointed in the non-indictment of the police officer who killed Eric Garner. The Dept. of Justice must step in now.

apparently cameras won't protect us from police either, what do y'all feel a real solution is?

It's ashame my people aren't safe yet. Haven't enuf of our ancestors died for rights we should have been freely given?

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