#AliveWhileBlack Tweets Highlight Racial Injustice

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In response to #CrimingWhileWhite, people are sharing stories of police harassment and unnecessary force using #AliveWhileBlack.

In response to the overwhelming stories of white privilege from the hashtag #Crimingwhilewhite, writer Jamilah Lemieux asked how Black people's interactions with police have differed. What resulted was the now viral hashtag, #AliveWhileBlack, where people of color are sharing stories of police harassment and unnecessary force.

Got raped+robbed. Police took forever to interview me, mentioned that women sometimes lie to hide "gambling, overspending" #AliveWhileBlack

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House broken into. Cop laughed. Wouldn't file a police report #alivewhileblack

when i got pulled over for speeding in college, assumed the car was stolen and detained me for 2 hours @JamilahLemieux #alivewhileblack

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Pulled over w my mom. People think shes white, she was driving. Cops asked for my ID and license "for her protection" #AliveWhileBlack

Witnessed ex-husband forced to the ground and arrested for essentially parking in a loading zone...to load stuff #alivewhileblack

I was mugged after dropping a friend off late at night after work. the cops harassed me & asked why i was “really there” #alivewhileblack

My son and his friends caught a flat tire and was met by 7 squad cars & 1 canine unit with guns drawn while changing it! #alivewhileblack

Age 19. Pulled over three times in one night while driving back to campus. The one white passenger was asked if he was ok. #alivewhileblack

22. White cops pull me over/out of car at 1am while at red light. Accuse me of prostitution. Detained for 30min. #AliveWhileBlack…& a woman.

Crossing the grocery store parking lot. Cops stopped to ask me what I was doing there. I was holding grocery bags. #Alivewhileblack

Purse snatched by white man..when found he tld cops I dropped it&he was looking to return.. they believed him over me. #AliveWhileBlack

Cops tried to tie me to a brawl at MSG in NYC. Kept asking "Where did you watch the game?" I said "I don't watch sports." #AliveWhileBlack

Cops enter my house with dogs while I was napping. White neighbor claimed I had broken into my own house. #alivewhileblack

17 y/o - Drove to Kroger to get mom Nyquil. Pulled over unexplained. Asked why I was in my neighborhood. 4 backup cop cars. #AliveWhileBlack

Snuck out of the house to go to a party. Waiting for a bus to get home at 2 AM, cops detain me for prostitution. I was 17. #AliveWhileBlack

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