'Scandal' Recap: Where the Sun Don't Shine

Toward the end of the fall finale of "Scandal," Stevie Wonder told Olivia, Jake and all of us watching to not “worry ‘bout a thing.” But that’s not possible.

Toward the end of the fall finale of Scandal, Stevie Wonder told Olivia, Jake and all of us watching to not “worry ‘bout a thing.” But that’s not possible with this show.

From the minute the episode began with Olivia sitting in Fitz’s office, listening to her presidential boyfriend and her spy-guy boyfriend talk about once again attempting to capture her maniacal and murderous father, there was nothing but concern in the air. Then the worries heightened when Cyrus was busted for his trysts with that really hot male prostitute he’s been banging. There was talk of criminal charges and resignations and that feeling of dread kept mounting. A dude tried to kill Jake in an alley, Cyrus refused to marry his paid lover to make the controversy go away and Olivia visited her mom in prison and told Fitz to charge her mother to the fullest extent of the law. Worry, worry and more worry.

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But the biggest concern came to a head midway through the installment when Papa Pope showed up inside Olivia’s apartment. First, he tried to be sentimental – saying he was never one for sentimentality. When that didn’t work, he pulled out a gun and made his adult daughter sit down and listen to him. The gun. The gun. The gun. Worry. Worry. Worry.

And then Olivia picked up the gun and if you thought she wasn’t going to shoot her own daddy, you were wrong. She pulled the trigger. Wow. She pulled the trigger but there were no bullets. Fans on Twitter couldn’t get enough … and some were kind of mad at Olivia for wanting to kill her dear old dad. And you thought you had daddy issues.

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Olivia just broke her father's heart. She shot him. She actually pulled the trigger. Damb. #Scandal

No Liv! I can't support you on that now. You went too far. Now they have me feeling sympathy for Papa Pope lol. #Scandal

Then Olivia went running to her mom under the guise of trying to figure out where Rowan went but really, she was there for sympathy. But Momma Pope wasn’t having it. “Cry me a river, Livvy,” Momma Pope said before adding, “He ruined you.” Dang. Maybe Olivia should get a pet. Gold fish are excellent listeners. Luckily for our collective blood pressure levels and hearts, there were some comedic moments to help break up all that familial tension. The best of course was when Elizabeth “Lizzie Bear” North came stomping in to Mellie’s office to complain about Fitz not waging war against West Angola and Mellie let her have it big time. Mellie informed Lizzie that she knows Vice President Nichols is hooking up with the both of them but that does not make the two chummy. “That doesn’t make us friends. It just makes us both at risk for the same STDs.” Ha! Twitter Gladiators loved that one, too.

Mellie and these one-liners. #scandal

Ahh. That lifted the worrisome feeling a little. Olivia’s pep talk for Cyrus was also monumental and thankfully, it wasn’t sad but inspirational.

"They're Mean Girl-ing you in the press." "...cries in the closet like a little bitch baby." Alrighty then. #247Library #Scandal #TGIT

Did you notice that the awesome turn of phrase “bitch baby” was later used on How To Get Away with Murder? Synergy! Anywho, wasn’t Olivia’s speech awesome? Who couldn’t use that every Monday morning before work?

PREACH!!!! #WhoAreYouCy #Scandal pic.twitter.com/7FnsqaXv2o

Ahh! That’s was more like it. No worries. Cyrus was back on the job and he’s marrying a man whore. All is right with the world. And what’s that? Olivia was smiling and dancing with Jake. But it felt like something bad was going to happen to Jake, right, because he was talking a lot and he told Olivia he loved her? And Olivia said she was choosing herself and they were going to do the deed atop the piano. Oh yeah! Was someone standing behind the bedroom door waiting to shank Jake? Was there a sniper waiting to shoot him?

I really thought Jake was gonna get sniped out. #scandal

Alas, it wasn’t poor Jake that got got, it was Olivia. She’s gone and there was a wine stain on her couch and the door was wide open. VP Nichols is behind this. Oh, great.

Spent #Scandal's last 5 mins on the verge of a panic attack convinced something terrible was gonna happen to Jake. So thanks, @shondarhimes?

AND this one:

I guess she should have worried about something in that moment @ScandalABC #scandal

Oh lawd! Oh lawd! We were right to worry! Papa Pope said Olivia would miss him when he was gone. Us Gladiators miss him, too. Come back Papa Pope! Save our Olivia! What a breathtaking way to say goodbye to 2014. This is going to be the longest 10 weeks ever but we won’t know what to worry about until January 29. What did you think of Where The Sun Don’t Shine? Where do you think Olivia is and can Papa Pope save her once again? Weigh in below:

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