Must-See: LisaRaye McCoy Takes On Colorism in Directorial Debut, 'Skinned'

The film follows a young woman who bleaches her dark skin in order to feel more beautiful.

LisaRaye McCoy makes her directorial debut by tackling colorism in the African-American community in the upcoming film Skinned

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The film follows a young woman named Jolie (played by Jasmine Burke of Drumline: A New Beat) who bleaches her dark skin in order to feel more beautiful and get a man. However, she soon finds that life doesn't get easier for her after her skin is lighter.

In addition to directing, McCoy also has a lead role as Jolie's mother.

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The film's creators and producers are hoping the movie will send a message about self-acceptance and even launched the "No Bleach! Love The Skin You're In" campaign, an initiative "designed to make a global impact to bring awareness to the harmful dangers and side effects including death," according to the film website.

Take a look at the trailer for the upcoming drama, Skinned.

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