ESSENCE Poll: Why Do You Go To Homecoming?

It's homecoming season! Why do you return to your alma mater every year?

It’s that time of the year again: homecoming season! 

Every year between September and November, colleges and universities gear up for their biggest celebration of school spirit. Students from all corners of the country return to their alma mater for one weekend of festivities, football, concerts, and catching up with old friends.

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Homecoming is a huge deal to many colleges and universities, especially HBCUs like North Carolina A&T University who’ve dubbed their festivities the “Greatest Homecoming on Earth."

We want to know why you make the trip back to your alma mater every year.

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Why do you go to homecoming every year?
To watch my school’s football team win.
The concerts and day parties!
To show my school spirit. I love my alma mater!
To meet up with old friends.
Total votes: 247

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