ESSENCE Poll: Do All of the Recent NFL Cases Affect Your Football Viewership?

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With two more NFL players caught up in domestic violence charges, are people changing the channel?

Over the past few weeks, the news has been flooded with reports of NFL players involved in domestic abuse cases. From Ray Rice and the incident with his then fiance (now wife) Janay Palmer, to Adrian Peterson and the child abuse charges brought against him, players seem to be dropping like flies. 

And within the past 24 hours, two more players have been caught up: Arizona Cardinals' running back Jonathan Dwyer and Carolina Panthers' defensive end Greg Hardy. Dwyer was charged with aggravated assault on both a 27-year-old female and an 18-month-old child. He has been deactivated from all team activites. And Hardy was convicted of assault on a female, back in July, and has been removed from the team's active roster

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With things changing in the NFL, we want to know if your opinions of the sport have changed too. Do all of the recent NFL cases affect your football viewership? Or are you a diehard fan that simply can't change the channel? Take our poll and let us know. 

Do all of the recent NFL cases affect your football viewership?
Yes, they really don't sit well with me.
No, this is my sport.
Total votes: 173

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