Could You Take a Social Media Fast?

Lots of celebs take a break from social media sites. Could you?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, oh my!

Social media sites have become an intergral part of our every day lives. So much so, that we check these sites before we go to bed, as soon as we wake up and constantly througout the day. 

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Recently, Yaya Dacosta, the former America's Next Top Model who will play Whitney in the upcoming Lifetime biopic, is giving social media a break. And although this social media fast is coming after hateful messages that the actress received, other celebrities have broken their social media ties for other reasons. From Kanye West to Chris Brown, quitting social sites has been done to save their name or gain more attention. 

And although we aren't Yezzus status, taking a break from Instagram may still be refreshing. So we want to know, could you take a social media fast? Take our poll and let us know which sites would be easiest to ditch, and which you just can't live without. 

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Could you take a social media fast?
Yep, I could quit them all.
Nope, I'm plugged in. Forever.
I guess I could quit a few.
Total votes: 178

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