ESSENCE Poll: Has Your Opinion of Law Enforcement Changed?

With all of the recent incidents including police brutality, we're wondering how you feel. 

Altercations between the police and civilians are nothing new. Recently, we've seen a spike in footage of altercations, thanks to citizen journalists recording them on their camera phones. 

From Eric Garner's homicide and footage of a pregnant woman being placed in a chokehold by a police officer, to the most recent incident involving 48-year-old Brooklyn grandmother Denise Stewart being dragged from her apartment while naked, it seems civilians are catching the worst cases on their phones.

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There's already tension between the police and communities of color, and videos of police brutality don't make it any better. This past weekend, a New Jersey man reportedly refused to take help from the police, because he was afraid of them.

Do you find yourself being distrustful of police? Has your opinion of them changed since you've started seeing more footage of police brutality? Explain your answer below. 

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Has your opinion of law enforcement changed?
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