Relive The Moment: Kimberly Elise

Photo by Michael Rowe
Kimberly Elise recalls watching Tina Knowles watch Beyoncé perform.

Kimberly Elise attended ESSENCE Festival in 2007, and when we asked who her favorite performer was that year, she eloquently replied, "Well definitely Beyoncé."

However, she had her eye on someone else while she was enjoying Bey's performance.

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I was just right off stage. She’s just a force and to see that come to life it’s just amazing. Her mom [Tina Knowles] was right there. What was really magical was looking at her mom and seeing the pride in her. It was like pride and protection and love and her eyes just zeroed in on her daughter, and as a mother, I could get that.

My daughter is not on stage in front of millions, but I know I look at my daughter the exact same way when she’s riding a bike down the street or whatever it is. I thought that was really beautiful.

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Catch Elise in her leading roll on VH1's break out series, Hit The Floor Monday at 9pm EST.

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