Exclusive: Hear Meshell Ndegeocello's New Song, 'Comet, Come to Me'

Photo by Jason Rodgers
Ndegeocello's 11th album, Comet, Come to Me, is out today.

On her 11th album, Comet, Come to Me, singer Meshell Ndegeocello moves seamlessly between genres—a bit of jazz, a lot of rock and a sprinkling of reggae rhythms and  hip hop. She even re-imagines Whodini's "Friends."

Here on her reggae-infused title track, the iconoclastic bassist ruminates over an old romance gone wrong, singing "I tried so hard, so hard. Thought I'd make you happy. Thought I'd make me happy me too."

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Comet, Come to Me is out today on iTunes and Amazon.

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