Photo Fab: Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange Are All Smiles in New Orleans

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The Carter-Knowles family spent Saturday together in New Orleans. 

Beyonce, Jay Z, and Solange were all smiles this weekend during a family lunch in New Orleans, Solange and son Julian's current hometown. 

The photos posted on Beyonce's website come a week after a physical altercation between Solange and Jay Z was posted on TMZ.

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In one photo, Jay Z poses with Beyonce, Solange, and their mother Tina Knowles. There's also a guys-only photo featuring Jay, Julez, and Solange's boyfriend Alan Ferguson, a sisters-only photo of just Bey and Solange, and a candid shot of the family (including Blue Ivy) relaxing at a restaurant. 

The Carter-Knowles clan have been mum about the elevator incident, aside from a statement they released last week, but from the looks of these photos it seems the family has moved on from the situation. Maybe it's time we all do too. 

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Click here to see the rest of the family photos from New Orleans.

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