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ESSENCE Poll: When Could You Forgive Your Partner for Cheating?

Forget turning the other cheek. Women are responding to infidelity with an affair of their own. “Some women shared how they had sex with their best friend’s partner, because she did it,” Buss says. Though women are responding to cheating with sex, the outcome isn’t always the same, as some feel vindicated while others have regrets. “On a conscious level, that woman wants to get back at him, but at a unconscious level, she may have low self-esteem or a history of being abandoned," Meston adds.
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Tasha Smith is known for her outspoken character Angela Williams, a role she played in Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?, its sequel, and the film's spin-off sitcom For Better or Worse currently on the OWN network. 

Fans have watched Angela handle relationship issues on the small screen, and during a recent sit-down with theGrio, Smith gave viewers a glimpse at some of her real-life relationship views.

Asked about infidelity in relationships, Smith shared this piece of advice, “After a certain amount of time that you have established your relationship with your mate, if there is a mistake that’s made and if it’s something….if there is true repentance in that mistake and true change and it’s not going to be an ongoing problem, I feel like listen ladies, don’t give up your marriage or your relationship over one piece of booty,” she said.

What are your thoughts on Smith's advice? Could you forgive your partner if he or she cheated? If so, under what circumstance? Tell us below!

When could you forgive your partner for cheating?
If they confess
If it was a one time thing
If they promise to work through it
If they agree to counseling
Total votes: 470