ESSENCE Poll: How Do You Spring Clean?

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It's finally starting to feel like spring! How do you spring clean?

May is here and it's finally starting to feel like spring. 

With this comes the common practice of spring cleaning. The time of year when we're supposed to throughly clean our homes and spruce up spaces as we head into warmer weather. 

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What does your spring cleaning entail?

Do you stick to the traditional deep cleaning of your house? Do you refreshing your closet by replacing winter clothes and beauty products with summer ones? Are you cleansing your digital space by cleaning your various accounts of old emails and friends/followers? What about refreshing your look each spring with a new hairstyle or by shedding some unwanted winter weight?

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Let us know how you spring clean below!

How do you spring clean?
Refresh closet/beauty products
Clean your house
Shed weight
Makeover your look
Digital clean
All of the above
Total votes: 299

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