Guess Who Makes Jamie Foxx Starstruck?

Even the best celebs admire superstars.

It’s hard to believe that a megastar like Jamie Foxx gets starstruck, but according to PEOPLE Magazine, the actor still gets excited when in the presence of Halle Berry.

“I'm always starstruck when I see Halle Berry,” he says. “[We are good friends], but I still go, "Oh, man, look at you!" I just love her style, I love her craft and everything like that. She keeps it all going, you know?”

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The actor also told the celebrity publication that his last indulgence was the famed Shake Shack burger joint. “[I got] a triple ShackBurger, fries with the cheese and grape soda. I've had it a couple times, and I just had to go get it again,” he says. “It was my little cheat day.”

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