ESSENCE Poll: What's Your Money Lending Philosophy?

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What rules do you have when it comes to lending money?

Lending money to family and friends can be a slippery slope. Especially if you're a billionaire like Oprah. The media mogul revealed to a TMZ photographer Sunday that people don't usually ask her for less than $50,000.

"This is what I find, people ask for money depending on what they think you have," she said. 

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We may not all have O's money, but we do have rules when it comes to lending money. What's your philosophy? Do you only lend money to family? Close friends? Or do you try to avoid lending money all together?

Let us know your lending philosophy below.

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What's your money lending philosophy?
I only lend to family
I don't lend to friends
I don't lend to significant others
I lend, but I set limits
I don't lend anyone, anytime
Total votes: 392

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