Will Smith Takes Sons Skydiving in Dubai

Photo by Will Smith/Facebook
Will Smith takes sons Trey and Jaden skydiving in Dubai.

Will Smith has taken father-son bonding to another level. Earlier this week he traveled with his sons 21-year-old Trey and 15-year-old Jaden to Dubai and went skydiving!

Smith shared photos from their excursion on his Facebook today saying: I jumped with Trey and Jaden today. I kept thinking to myself, "This potentially may be the individual worst display of parenting in African-Amercian history."

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To Smith's credit, he did try it out himself before bringing his sons. The week beforehand he went skydiving with his Fresh Prince co-star Alfonso Riberio. 

Also his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, co-signed her husband's choice of bonding activities. She posted the photo of Jaden with the caption, "Jaden jumping from a plane. Life."

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