District Attorney Declines to Prosecute Kanye West in Brawl

Photo by Getty Images
West will reportedly walk away without legal repercussions because the alleged victim has not been cooperating.

Kanye West's will walk away without legal repercussions for allegedly beating a young guy in a Beverly Hills chiropractic office in January.

As TMZ report, the Los Angeles District Attorney will not prosecute West in the case for a number of reasons.

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First, the two sides have reached a deal outside of court—West and the unnamed guy settled for $250,000. No injuries were documented on behalf of the young man and he has been uncooperative throughout the entire investigation.

"Prosecution is accordingly declined due to victim unavailability," said the office.

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Followers of the case will remember West's fiancée, Kim Kardashian, was surrounded by a crowd of paparazzi photographers when she tried to enter the doctor's office. The unidentified young man tried helping Kardashian into the building when he allegedly began shouting "F**k these fa***t-ass n*****rs," which the starlet said was inappropriate. The guy took offense and began berating Kardashian, calling her a "n***er lover."

West soon arrived on the premises and the altercation between the parties.

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