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ESSENCE Poll: How Do You Celebrate Milestone Birthdays?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

First Lady Michelle Obama is turning big 5-0 on January 17 and President Obama has already begun making sure that his wife celebrates the milestone accordingly. 

The President and their daughters left Hawaii late Saturday after a 15-day holiday vacation on the island but, as an early birthday gift, Mrs. Obama stayed behind to enjoy the island with friends for a few extra days. Nice job Mr. President! 

Whether it's a tropical getaway for 50 or a big party for 21, people tend to celebrate big when it comes to milestone birthdays. How do you like to celebrate?

How do you celebrate milestone birthdays?
Go on vacation.
Throw a big party.
Splurge on a big gift.
Have an intimate gathering with loved ones.
I don't like to celebrate my birthday.
Total votes: 236