ESSENCE Poll: Which 2013 Internet Hoax Fooled You?

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Which internet hoax fooled you this year?

2013 was the web's year of the hoax.

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Aside from the usual #RIP's for celebrities who turned out to still be alive, there was also: False Beyonce baby rumors, former Notre Dame football player Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend, the homophobic non-tip that turned out to be false (after people donated over $2,000 to the waitress), Kanye quotes from fake interviews, fake photos, and more. 

Which internet hoax fooled you this year? Let us know below.

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Which internet hoax got you this year?
Beyonce's Pregnancy
Kanye Quote On Mandela
Photo of Sphinx Covered In Snow
Manti Te'o's "Girlfriend"
The Homophobic Non-Tip
Other: Tell Us In A Comment!
Total votes: 120

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