Twitter Recap: Relive 'Scandal' Episode Nine

Relive the action through the best tweets about episode nine.

Huck is working on his first Toothacide on Quinn.

Do we reckon Huck is a mite jealous of QUINNtavious and Charlie? Or maybe he is just a cold killer. #scandal

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'It hurts until it doesn't. You'll be may feel numb, but numb and fine are the same.' #Scandal UGH!

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Three hours after her torture session, Quinn is in the sack with Charlie? Confused


really Quinn? really? just got tortured and your teeth ripped out and you're randy? #scandal

We're finding out more about Olivia's mom.


MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! something we never thought we'd hear Liv yell #Scandal

And they're planning her escape.


"You go and you hug her right now... in case you never get to again!" - Abby #Scandal

Meanwhile Cyrus is a sad boy after his set up of James and VP Sally Langston's husband backfired.


Cyrus is all heartbroken because his pawn gave Daniel Douglas the business. That's what he gets though. #AskScandal #CBTVScandal

James is LOVING this game he's playing w/ Cyrus. For once, he has the upperhand. Rub it ALL the way in, Novak! #AskScandal #CBTVScandal

How is Sally killing people while planning to run for President? On on Scandal.


ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Sally!!!! Baby!!!!!! Sally!!!!!!!!! What? #scandal

What did you think of this episode, ESSENCE Gladiators?


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