Twitter Recap: Relive The #FastTailedGirls Discussion

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Relive HoodFeminism's twitter conversation on the sexualization of black girls.

A Twitter conversation started by @HoodFeminism on "black women, sexuality and promiscuity versus respectability" struck a nerve with women around the country yesterday and continues online today. Mikki Kendall (@Karynthia) and Jamie Nesbitt Golden's (@thewayoftheid) discussion (based on this piece) got #FastTailedGirls trending and quickly became both something of a feminist rally and an emotional outlet for some women as they shared their own moving stories. Relive the conversation through some of the top tweets below.

When I talk about being #FastTailedGirls I'm talking about the way young black bodies are treated inside & outside the community.

Inhabiting an increasingly womanly/developed/curvy body = a target to predatory adults while other adults blame your body #fasttailedgirls

Being told I couldn't walk around in certain clothes b/c of who it may tempt, meanwhile men were free to do as they pleased #FastTailedGirls

If you’re not reading the hashtag #FastTailedGirls, you’re missing out on the criminal way society sexualizes girls of color.

Black girls are regularly "blamed" for experiencing puberty early, as if the presence of her body alone is consent. #fasttailedgirls

Be clear "Fast" is just the child version of the word "Ho". These are the terms black girls/women are called all thru life. #FastTailedGirls

@thetrudz @Karnythia Exactly because even a "good" girl who is victimized will more than likely face the question "what did you do?"

At it's core, #FastTailedGirls is blaming children for the actions of grown men. Don't wear this, don 't move like this...just don't exist.

Teach boys that being men means respecting women and standing up when other boys threaten/harm them. #FastTailedGirls

boys are encouraged to seek out girls from birth, at any cost& use& abuse the #fasttailedgirls. girls are told wait til marriage.

Teach your sons to value girls as people & not use arbitrary patriarchal purity measurements to measure a girl's worth #FastTailedGirls

Black boys allowed to be boys in our community but Black girls are "old enough to know better, old enough for consequences" #fasttailedgirls

Some 40-60% of black girls are sexually abused before 18. Many don't report it because they know they'll be called #FastTailedGirls

We embrace girlhood in our girls but cringe at/fear advent of womanhood. #fasttailedgirls #FastTailedGirls

Sometimes I don't think it really matters what you wear as long as you are coded in a black/brown skin. + #FastTailedGirls

#fasttailedgirls The strong Black woman impervious to pain, hypersexual & is hopeless if she has no man stereotype affects our girls

the phrase #fasttailedgirls makes exceptions for abusers. it creates villains out of children, and absolves men w/ no self control.

The myth of #FastTailedGirls is one that allows victims to be blamed & abusers to get a free pass if they target "bad" girls.

@thewayoftheid I am wondering how many teens don't get tested bc they don't wanna be shamed by their mothers #fasttailedgirls

#FastTailedGirls is why when our daughters go missing, they get no media airtime. They're not "innocent" or precious. Must be runaway hoes

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