ESSENCE Poll: Be Honest, Do You Vote in Non-Presidential Elections?

It's election day! Many state and local offices are up for grabs. But we can't help but notice that the voter turnout is never as strong as it is during the presidential election years.

Election Day is here again.

Today voters will elect governors in Virginia and New Jersey, mayors in New York City, Boston, Detroit and decide on state and local ballot issues across the country.

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Despite constant evidence of the great impact those voted into these positions have (Detroit's Bankruptcy, legalizations of same-sex marriages, the government shutdown, etc.), we can't help but notice voter turnout is often weak in non-presidential election years.

So today our question is simple, do you vote during state and local elections? Be honest!

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Be honest, do you vote every Election Day?
Yes, of course I vote.
I only vote for presidential election.
No, I don't vote at all.
Total votes: 156

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