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Lolo Jones Criticized For Commenting on Fan's Costume

Lolo Jones Criticizes Fans Costume With ‘Relaxer‘ Comment

Olympic hurdler and bobsledder Lolo Jones is under fire again for making a controversial comment. On Halloween a fan by the name of "daniesa" tweeted a picture dressed in a track and field uniform as Jones with the message: "Lolo Jones 4 Halloween. I just need a hurdle."

The following day, Jones responded back with this message:

Lolo Jones Criticizes Fans Costume With

Jones' message incited over 700 retweets and comments from Twitter that she was rude and owed her fan an apology. Jones then defended herself by adding:

Lolo Jones Criticizes Fans Costume With

Later "daniesa" chimed back seeing no malicious intent in Jones' comment:

“@RealTalkwithJL I didn’t go wrong with my costume. I was as is and repped myself as her. Minus the hair. Which is her response. As a joke.”

Was Jones' comment taken too far or does she really owe "daniesa" an apology?

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