Twitter Recap: Relive 'Scandal' Episode Four

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Relive the action through the best tweets about episode four.

Relive the action through the best tweets about episode four.

Olivia has to find a coping mechanism for having such an evil daddy

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@essencemag Denial is the only way Olivia can "handle" the truth about her father. #Scandal


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Earth to Huck: there is no support group for cold-blooded killers (at least, not one we know of)


Huck is back in AA talmbout he drank "Whiskey." He is 0 days sober of killing mofos b/c of the Grand Goblin. #CBTVScandal #Scandal

I love Huck so much. He has appropriate emotional responses and takes social cues. He's trying SO hard. #Scandal #AskScandal

How do we know if Jake is a good guy?


I know Jake is cute and all, but idk if I trust him. #Scandal

When will the Operation Remington mystery explode? And does the "reunion" between Fitz and Daddy Pope have anything to do with it?


So what really happened with Remington! #AskScandal #scandal ... for the President to go out of his way for THIS moment..

And that's the cliff hanger! Daddy Pope and Fitz come face-to-face. "This is a reunion long overdue," said Fitz. #Scandal

As always, the soundtrack made the episode that much more exciting


I love the cultural nods Shonda Rhimes gives to us. Mary Jaannnnneeeee. . . #essencegladiators

Nina Simone is EVERYTHING. I chose this song because I LOVE it. Trivia: Nina Simone is one of the few non-70s singers we use on the show.

What did you think of episode four, ESSENCE Gladiators?


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