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Generation Next: Mateo Bijoux


Company Name:  Mateo Bijoux

Designer:  Matthew "Mateo" Harris

Occupation: Jewelry Designer

Business location:  New York City
How long I've been in business: 4 Years
What I do: I am a creature of wearable art.

What's different about my line: The unique and innovative designs. For example, one of our signatures is a zipper necklace which is fully functional. This piece was worn by Rihanna and others. There is an emotional connection with my jewelry as each collection tells a story.

Entrepreneur I look up to most: Giorgio Armani

Style icons I'm inspired by: Grace Jones. I kind of think she's my long lost mother.

Key advice I would give to budding entrepreneurs: Do lots of research. Make sure whatever it is you want to offer, it must  unique and somewhat different from whats already available. You must stand out. Be persistent.

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