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Must-See: Go Inside Will Smith's $2.5M Two-Story Trailer

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Will Smith has set the bar for husbands mighty high. The debonair action movie star and seasoned actor has publicly adored and supported his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, for 16 years. Together they’re raising happy, healthy children, embarking on joint business ventures and enjoying passion projects—they’re the perfect team!
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Sure celebrities deck out their homes with lavish furniture and only the finest knickknacks, but what about their trailers?

Superstar Will Smith has created a very special home away from home. In fact, HGTV's Celebrity Motor Homes took viewers inside his $2.5 million dollar two-story trailer that's nicknamed "The Heat."

The impressive motor coach is monstrous in size. It's features roughly 1,200 square-feet of living space, a full kitchen, master bedroom, one fancy bathroom, several screening rooms, lounges and one conference table that seats 30 people. The trailer is the the same piece of property that upset downtown New Yorkers back in May of 2011 while Smith was filming Men in Black 3. At the time, SoHo residents complained the oversized trailer was causing more of a ruckus to its quaint and narrowed-street neighborhood.

The motor coach costs $9,000 per week to rent.

Tour Smith's home on wheels above.

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