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Nigerian Director Andrew Dosunmu on His Latest Film, 'Mother of George,' Starring Danai Gurira

Photo Credit: Henry S. Dziekan III/ Getty

Nigerian director Andrew Dosunmu explores the immigrant experience in his latest film Mother of George, starring The Walking Dead actress Danai Gurira.

The film, set in Brooklyn’s Nigerian community, follows Gurira’s character Adenike as she struggles with the pressures to produce an offspring for her new husband. Her mother-in-law, played brilliantly by Nigerian actress Bukky Ajayi, advises that she take another man. In this case, her husband’s brother. Intrigued and impressed, we spoke with Dosunmu about the premise of Mother of George, sex scenes in African films (they’re so rare) and exploring the secret lives of African women. 

ESSENCE: Let’s just say I want to Nigerian after watching this film. The culture is put on display in such a beautiful way.
ANDREW DOSUNMU: For me it was more about that celebration of Africa. I’ve been in the culture, that’s something I know as a Yoruba and I really just wanted to show that. In cinema we’ve never really been depicted like that. That’s what got me into cinema really; to depict what I know that I’ve never seen.

knowing he’s the problem would reduce his manhood. It’s a shame and [Danai’s character] doesn’t want that so she will go to every length to protect him from knowing. That’s love. She’d rather do it under the pretext of something else because his brother is just a sperm donor, but her man is the man she wants to be with.

Mother of George opens in New York Friday, September 13 and nationwide September 20.