ESSENCE Poll: Should Don Lemon's New Haircut Be an Issue in the Workplace?

Photo by Don Lemon/ Twitter
The CNN anchor got a new haircut and asked Twitter for some feedback.

About that time that Don Lemon got a new haircut and asked Twitter for some feedback. Huge mistake.

"Too long for TV news?" the CNN anchorman asked showing off his 90s-inspired haircut. Hilarity ensued as Black Twitter responded with a barrage of gut-wrenchingly funny tweets for the anchorman. The #DonLemonLooksLike hashtag is truly one for the social media hall of fame.

Though his haircut became a punchline last night, Lemon does bring up an interesting point about what's acceptable in the workplace. Should he be a allowed to rock a Gumby (let's call a spade a spade, people!) with a Chevron design to work?

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Have you ever worn a hairstyle and wondered whether it was appropriate for the workplace? Sound off in the comments below.

Should Don Lemon's haircut matter?
Yes, he's working in a corporate setting. His haircut should reflect that.
No, it doesn't matter. His haircut doesn't affect his job performance.
Total votes: 433

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