Toni Braxton Gets Exposed in Embarassing Wardrobe Malfunction

Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images
The singer's skirt slides off during a New Jersey concert.

Toni Braxton is taking cover—litterally.

The singer was onstage last night during a New Jersey concert when the back of her glitter-infused mini skirt slid down and exposed her backside to the entire crowd.
Braxton was unaware that her skirt was loosened and continued to belt out her classic hits while shimmying onstage.  Luckily Toni was wearing sheer, nude boy shorts, but from afar, it appeared the singer was totally nude.

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As part of her routine, Toni invited an audience member onstage, and during her serenade, the kind gentleman gave her his blazer to cover up.  A few minutes later, a stylist came onstage to repair the dangling piece.

Braxton later joked about the wardrobe malfunction on Twitter. “Nobody’s Perfect! Lol,” tweeted Toni, to which her sister Tamar responded, “You are tho sissy! At least your ass is AMAZING!”

Gotta love the Braxtons. Check out the video of the fiasco below.

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