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EXCLUSIVE: Listen to TGT's New Album "Three Kings"

Photo Credit: Marc Baptiste

Some people like to moan about the slow demise of R&B groups. Some, like Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank get out and do something about it. R&B's last standing supergroup has reunited to give us a new album, tour and plenty of eye candy.

On Three Kings (out August 20) "the fellas" sing passionately about love, loss and lots of sex in between (we've come to expect it from them).

Listen to Three Kings below and let us know what you think.

1. "Take It Wrong" featuring Black-Ty:

2. "No Fun" featuring Problem:

3. "Sex Never Felt Better"

4. "I Need"

5. "Next Time Around"

6. Interlude:

7. "Hurry"

8. "Weekend Love"

9. "Lessons in Love"

10. Interlude:

11. "Explode"

12. "FYH"

13. "OMG"

14. "Running Back"

15. "Burn Out"

16. "Tearing It Down"

17. "Our House"