ESSENCE Poll: Should Schools Hand Out a Variety of Condoms?

Students at New York City public schools can now get a wide variety of condoms, inlcuding "Ribbed" and "Rough Rider."

“King XL,” “Extra Strength,” “Ultra Sensitive,” "Vanilla Flavor" and Rough Rider Studded” are a few of the types of condoms students in New York City public schools can now receive, according to a new report by the New York Daily News.

Approximately 800,000 condoms were handed out to students during the 2011-2012 year, said a spokesperson from the city's Department of Education. The condom distribution program, she added, has led to a significant decline in teen pregnancy.

Free condoms at school is nothing new—they've been available to New York City high school students since 1991—but does offering up this kind of wide selection to teens give you the creeps? I mean, what do we really think a 16-year-old will do with a "vanilla-flavored" condom? "Rough Rider"? Clutch the pearls! Call me old-fashioned, but whatever happened to simple 'ol condoms at school?

What do you think?

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Should schools hand out an assortment of condoms?
Yes, it's necessary. This way students have no excuse for having unprotected sex
No, it's encouraging teens to have sex
The schools are going too far
Total votes: 159

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