ESSENCE Poll: What's The One Thing You Would Change About 24-Hour Cable News?

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Do you feel overwhelmed by the 24-hour news cycle?

Let's face it: we have a love and hate relationship with the 24-hour news cycle. Who wants sit through that tireless loop of the same stories played over and over again? Another celebrity DUI. Yawn. Oh look, there's the story of the woman who found her long-lost kitten. Sweet, but again, yawn. But then, suddenly, when a really big story breaks, we're reminded how much we rely on the CNN's, Fox's and HLN's of the world.

The Zimmerman verdict is a prime example of how cable news is effective and necessary. But can we forget how cable news channels fumbled when it came to the Boston marathon suspect a few months ago? CNN's John King, for one, said a relaiable source had told him the suspect was a "dark-skinned man." A tip we now know to have been far from the truth.

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We get way more news than we can process at this point. If you could, what would you change?

What's the one thing you would change about cable news?
They should stop amplifying everything into "Breaking News"
Less emphasis on entertainment
Fewer talking heads
The constant looping of news stories
Journalists should get their facts before reporting
Total votes: 105

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