Zimmerman Verdict Sparks Peaceful Protests Across Nation

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Following the 'not guilty' verdict of George Zimmerman, people gather in peaceful protests across the nation.

People across the nation gathered in peaceful protest following the acquittal of George Zimmerman yesterday evening.

From New York City to San Francisco to right outside the doors of the courtroom in Florida, demonstrators rallied together in solidarity to express their disappointment in the 'not guilty' verdict.

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People gathered in groups as small as a dozen and grew as large as a few hundred. Protesters in Sacramento were reportedly holding signs and chanting “No Justice, No Peace” as they marched outside the Sacramento City Hall.

In Miami-Dade County where Trayvon lived, young people of all races were pictured in front of the Capital Building, clapping and chanting together.

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Fear that protests would escalate into violence has loomed over the state of Florida since the Zimmerman trial began. Days before the verdict was reached, Broward County Sheriff’s Office released a PSA cautioning against violent protest, instead encouraging people to “raise your voice and not your hands" after the verdict was announced.

Demonstrations continued this morning and community activists, such as Al Sharpton, are arranging more peaceful protests in the next coming days. 

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