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Summer Lovin': 5 Sexy Stories to Get You in the Mood

Sexy Couple Sex

We invited a few of our favorite love bloggers to come clean about their naughtiest summer secrets. WARNING: The following true stories of red-hot hookups might leave you breathless— and ready for a sexy rendezvous of your own!

Twanna Hines, blogger of Funky Brown Chick, talks of how her lustful experience with a stranger made a simple house party feel like a steamy mini vacation.

While Hines shows us that sex with a perfect stranger can bring a thrill, Latoya Irving of Black and Married With Kids shares how spousal romance can be just as untamed and spontaneous.  

Sometimes summer loving comes with a cost, like in Monique Kelly's story, where the Confessions of a Serial Dater in LA blogger talks of how a seemingly perfect night took a turn for the worse when a surprise guest shows up.

Anslem Samuel Rocque of Naked With Socks On spills how dirty dancing with a familiar-faced cutie quickly turned into an uncomfortable family affair.

Love University's Abiola Abrams shares how a passionate kiss in the rain capped off an sexy summer date in the city.

Read these steamy tales now in the July issue of ESSENCE.

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