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Must-See: Preview 'Oprah's Master Class' With Lenny Kravitz


Lenny Kravitz is next in line for Oprah's Master Class, airing Sunday, June 2, at 10/9c.

The rock star opens up about facing cultural differences within his Russian-Jewish and Bahamian family, his issues with his dad and his relationship with actress Lisa Bonet. "We were very young and it was wonderful, and we had Zoe, which I see now is what it was all about. It was really about bringing this beautiful child to the planet. And also sharing the love that we have."

The singer also addresses the dynamic of his and Bonet's relationship post-divorce. "Zoe's mom and I am now are best friends. It's interesting because that's how the relationship started. But it makes you feel really good when you can do that."

Tune in tonight for the full episode!

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