Alicia Keys' Egypt Shares a Kiss with Blue Ivy

Photo by Getty Images
The 14-time Grammy winner opens up about how it happened on The Wendy Williams Show.

What could be cuter than little Egypt and Blue Ivy on a play date?

Alicia Keys, Egypt's mom, appeared on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday and revealed that when she met up with the Carters recently, her two-year-old son expressed his adoration for Blue Ivy, whose face was finally revealed in Beyoncé's Life Is But a Dream documentary.

"I think Egypt kissed Blue," said Keys with a chuckle. "And I don't think Jay liked that very much. He called my husband (Swizz Beatz) and was like, 'Watch your son.'" The crowd erupted in laughter.

Keys continued that she does want more kids in the future, but wants to wait at least two more years. "I have slowed down in that way. [I've] learned to really cherish those small moments and not rush so much everywhere."

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