Must-See: Watch Ciara's New Video, 'Got Me Good'

Ciara dances her heart out in this new high-energy video.

Ciara is serving up yet another terrific dance video. Today, the singer released the video for "Got Me Good," directed by Joseph Khan. It's the second single from her forthcoming album, One Woman Army, which is scheduled to drop on December 4.

Rocking all white, Ciara leads a group of dancers, including a group of young girls, in a number of high-energy dance sequences in the desert. It's Ciara at her finest—she's simply unstoppable.

What do you think Ciara's new video, "Got Me Good?"

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What did you think of Ciara's "Got Me Good" video?
I loved it! It's one of her best!
It's not quite what I wanted from her.
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