Coffee Talk Video: Ciara on Her New Album & Learning to Trust Her Gut

Photo by Michael Rowe
“I am very comfortable being vulnerable this go around,” Ciara said of her new album.

Grammy award-winning singer Ciara is back on the scene with her fifth studio album, One Woman Army, and this time around, she says she's learned to trust her gut. 

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"On this record, the biggest difference from me in the beginning until now is [that] I am very comfortable being vulnerable," she said. "A part of me wanted to scream out because I held back so much."

She says that alone has been a defining moment in her career. "That's been a big part of the reason for my growth. And I like when people hear this album and if they've heard the first album they'll be able to feel that I've grown and my thoughts are very clear."  

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One Woman Army is set to be released on on December 4 via Epic Records. Watch the full video to hear Ciara talk about her recording process and how she chose this album's title. 

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