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Celebrity Reactions to the Vice Presidential Debate

gabrielle union
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The second round of presidential debates kicked off last night, and this time vice-presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan took center stage. No topic was off limits as the Vice President and Republican challenger disputed foreign policy, abortion rights, taxes and military cuts in a debate moderated by ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz. 

Celebrity reactions to the debate filled the Twitterverse, with everyone from Russell Simmons to Gabrielle Union tweeting their thoughts. Check out which stars shared their opinions below! 

@Rolandsmartin: "Romney was on the attack last week and pressed and pressed Pres Obama. Biden did it this week. It's clear the VP won this."

@ArsenioOFFICIAL: "Get 'em Martha! I'm glad they didn't use the replacement ref for this debate."

@MsVivicaFox: "The FACTS!! THE FACTS!! Tell em Joe!"

@Itsgabrielleu: "RT @robinthede: RT @sbellelauren: we think the government should stay out of everything. oh except for womens vaginas - GOP"

@UncleRUSH: "Paul Ryan has declared a WAR against women."

@JackeeHarry: "Joe Biden = Grand Slam! #VPDebate"

@StarJonesEs: "Whenever #VP #Biden calls #PaulRyan 'my friend'...is like a southerner saying 'bless your heart!' #VPdebate was a clear contrast of values."

Just in case you missed the showdown, see this small clip of the debate below where the candidates talk about their views on abortion and religion:

What did you think of last night's vice presidential debate? Who was the winner?

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